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Support Information

There are several ways to get support for services you may be using. The following resources are available to you.

E-Mail Support

The fastest way to get in touch with our staff is via e-mail. If you have comments, questions, or would like to make a suggestion, please feel free to contact the administration at admin@dtdns.com.

Payment Information

We have implemented our own credit card processing system that will charge your credit card at the time services are added or renewed. If you have service credits in your account as the result of a bulk purchase, they will be used in place of charging your credit card.

If you cannot use a credit card for some reason, you may mail us a check or money order for your services. We will take whatever amount you send us (in US dollars) and apply service credits to your account. You can then use these credits to pay for any of our services just like you would with a credit card. Make checks or money orders payable to "DTDNS" and send to the address below. Make sure you include your username and the e-mail address your account is registered with so we know what account to apply the credits to.

PayPal Accepted

If you are unable to use a regular credit card, DtDNS can also accept PayPal for payments. We do not have PayPal integrated into our checkout process, but you can send payments via PayPal to admin@dtdns.com if desired and we will credit your account manually. Please include your DtDNS username so we know which account to credit.


If you are using our DNS service for Domains, you will need to ensure that the nameserver delegations at your registrar are correct and using our nameservers. You should have the following nameservers listed for your domain name. Support may not be able to help you if your delegations are not correct.


If you have a .ORG domain and would prefer to avoid "glue" errors at the root servers, you can use the following servers instead. Domains on other top-level names (.com, etc.) should use the servers listed above.


Secondary DNS

If you have purchased Secondary DNS service for one or more domains, you must set your primary nameserver to allow zone transfer requests from the following IP addresses. Delegations for your domain(s) should still use the servers listed above. These IP addresses are for use in your local configuration only.


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