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Secondary DNS Hosting

DtDNS is a full service DNS provider. We have done most of the work for you by building a reliable, distributed network of DNS servers that can work in concert with your existing primary servers to provide a true fault-tolerant system.

Secondary DNS Service is designed for those individuals or businesses that prefer to manage the primary DNS server on their own servers, but wish to have additional DNS servers off-site for added reliability.

Note: You must already own a domain name before you can use our DNS service for domain names. DtDNS is not a domain registrar, and does not register domains for you.


 Secondary DNS service is available for $5.00/yr USD per domain.  Sign up now...

Key Features

  • Reliability - We have DNS servers placed on different networks in multiple geographic locations to ensure maximum uptime. We have already built the distributed network for you.
  • Live Technical Support - If you encounter problems or need help, you can talk to a real person on the phone during regular business hours. Unlimited e-mail and telephone support is available for all customers.
  • Complete Control - You have complete control over your DNS records on your own server. Change the IP address of the primary server at any time on our site if you move your primary at any time.
  • No Bandwidth Limitation - Some DNS services impose a limit on the amount of bandwidth your DNS queries can use. We do not impose a bandwidth or query limit of any kind.

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