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About DtDNS

DtDNS is a leader in outsourced DNS services, specializing in managed DNS hosting for small businesses and dynamic address handling for consumers. We also provide DNS services to hosting providers and software developers looking for customized solutions.

Over A Decade of Service...

Established in March of 1999, DtDNS was founded to provide services to the users that Monolith (ml.org, the original dyndns service) left stranded when they went under. Several other DNS providers came up around the same time, many of which have since shut down.

Over the years, many other DNS service providers have come and gone. Unlike the many "fly-by-night" DNS providers, DtDNS has been providing first-class service to its customers for over a decade.

Featured Client

GravityFree chose to use DtDNS for secondary service on their 500+ domain names to better serve their clients. Even though they have the capacity to provide primary and secondary DNS service in-house, they decided to use an off-site secondary service to provide additional redundancy and provide the highest level of service possible. Read More...

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