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Using DtDNS, you can get a hostname (ex: you.ourdomain.com) on one of our domains that will "follow" your Internet connection, even on a dynamic IP address. This means that you can now make a name for yourself on the Internet, without the usual high costs of a static IP address or full domain name. You are now able to operate your web, ftp, telnet, or other Internet server on your dialup, cable or DSL connection.

Even if you change Internet providers, take your computer to a friend's house, or decide to get a static IP address, your DtDNS hostname will follow you wherever you go.


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Key Features

  • Speed - IP address changes are generally out on the Internet within a few minutes of the change request on our server. You can use an automated update client to get IP address changes to our system within a few seconds after your IP address changes.
  • Reliability - We have DNS servers placed on separated networks in multiple geographic locations. If one of our DNS servers goes down, the others will automatically assume the load.
  • Wildcards - DtDNS hostnames allow you to have a wildcard for your host, so anything.yourhost.dtdns.net will point to your computer if this feature is enabled.
  • Offline Handler - There are bound to be times when you are not going to have your computer online. DtDNS will display an offline notice to your web visitors when you set your host as being offline, or we can point your hostname to any pre-determined IP address you specify, or even send your web visitors to a designated web page.
  • Update Groups - Assign your hostname to an Update Group for easier IP updates if you manage multiple hostnames or domains.
  • Custom MX Records - Enhanced hostnames allow you to have multiple custom MX records for your hostname. Define up to 4 MX records for your hostname and point them any server you would prefer your e-mail to be delivered to. This feature is fully compatible with web-based e-mail service from providers like Everyone.net.
  • Heartbeat Monitor - If you have an unreliable Internet connection, DtDNS can automatically set your hostname as being "offline" if an IP update is not sent to our server within a specified time limit. This will cause your web visitors to see your offline notice instead of not being able to connect at all.
  • Cloaked URL Redirection - Hostnames also have the ability to cloak the offline URL redirection using a frameset. You can also define the title and meta tags for the main frame.

Don't want a hostname? DtDNS also offers DNS service for full domain names.

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