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DNS Hosting for Domains

DtDNS is a full service DNS provider. We have done all of the work for you by building a reliable, distributed network of DNS servers, matched with an intuitive web-based management interface that makes managing your DNS records easier than ever.

Our DNS services can handle everything from the home user with a single domain name on a dynamic IP address to large hosting firms with hundreds of domain names on static IP addresses on multiple networks.

Note: You must already own a domain name before you can use our system. DtDNS is not a domain registrar, and does not register domains for you.

DNS service for domains is available for $20.00/yr USD per domain.  Sign up now...

Key Features

  • Speed - All changes are generally out on the Internet within a few minutes of the change request on our server. No more waiting hours (or days) for DNS changes to propogate.
  • Reliability - We have DNS servers placed on different networks in multiple geographic locations to ensure maximum uptime. We have already built the distributed network for you.
  • Dynamic Update Capability - In addition to our static IP address support, we support dynamic update capability on all DNS hosting for domains, which is compatible with most consumer class connections. This can also make changes between static networks easier.
  • Live Technical Support - If you encounter problems or need help, you can talk to a real person on the phone during regular business hours. Unlimited e-mail and telephone support is available for all customers.
  • Ease of Use - We offer an intuitive, web-based interface to your DNS records. No more searching for text files at a command prompt, changing serial numbers, or restarting BIND. Just log in from anywhere on the Internet and make changes 24/7.
  • Complete Control - You have complete control over your DNS records. All DNS record types are supported in our editor. Direct zone file access is available for those that wish to use it.
  • Get Around HTTP Port Blocking - Does your ISP block port 80 in an attempt to stop you from running a web server? You can get around this limitation by using our offline redirection features. (Works only for HTTP, other protocols cannot be redirected.)
  • No Bandwidth/Query Limitation - Some DNS services impose a limit on the amount of bandwidth your DNS queries can use, or even the number of queries you receive. We do not impose a bandwidth or query limit of any kind.
  • Offline Notice Page - If you plan on having a web site offline for a short period, we can display an offline notice to your web visitors. Anything is better than "connection refused" right?
  • Extended Offline Options - We can also point your domain to an IP address that you specify when you go offline, or even send your visitors to a specified web page.
  • Update Groups - Assign your domain to an Update Group for easier automated IP updates.

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